Slow down at Country Park - Dep. Mayor

Limavady’s Deputy Mayor, councillor Alan Robinson, has urged people to slow down their vehicles when in the Roe Valley Country Park.

“I have received complaints about the speed of traffic on the internal roads at the Roe Valley Country Park. Young families have been scared at the speed traffic has passed them at and we all have to remember this is a leisure facility for people to enjoy, not worry about getting knocked down,” he said. ”I have written to the Police and the DOE Minister urging them to find an urgent solution before someone is knocked down and seriously hurt – or worse. The Roe Valley Country Park is one of the tourist gems in Limavady and if speed restrictions have to be imposed for visitors safety this would be a sad development.

“Anyone using a vehicle in the park I would ask to slow down and remember they are in an area frequented by our older and younger residents.”