St. Mary’s appeal to past pupils

Have you ever wondered what happened to your classmate from school; been curious about what they did after exams and where they are now?

Hoping to fill that void for past pupils of St. Mary’s in Limavady is teacher Sean Mullan. He wants to track down students who’ve passed through the school corridors from when it opened in 1959.

“We want to reconnect with past pupils, and find out what happened next, I suppose,” Sean told the ‘Journal’. “There are past students who you hear about, others you see because they live locally, or work locally, or have children at the school, but there are others who you just don’t know about.”

The school hopes people will get in touch, either by filling out a few preliminary details online via the school website at or, by dropping into the school. Ultimately, Sean says they want to establish a school Alumni. The ‘Journal’ caught up with past pupils whose careers have taken them around the world and, in some cases, brought them back home again.