‘Unfair’ attack

An Inishowen councillor has branded the axing of two teachers at a Malin school as an ‘unfair attack on rural Ireland’.

Disgruntled Buncrana-based councillor Rena Donaghey says she’s furious Scoil Colmcille in Malin - and many more like it - is set to lose two teachers in September.

She raised her concerns at last week’s monthly Donegal County Council meeting.

She told the Journal: “The abolishing of Deis and concessionary posts by the Minister for Education is going to have a very serious impact on most Donegal Rural Schools and unfortunately people don’t fully realise the full extent of this yet.”

Cllr Donaghey said she was alarmed two teachers would be lost at the Malin-based school because it’s already a disadvantaged area.

She added: “To reduce the school from six teachers to four is morally wrong.

“Next year the numbers in the school will increase again. This again is an unfair attack on rural Ireland..

“Life is so different in rural areas as opposed to towns and large urban areas, we depend on new people coming in to live or work in the area and because of our reality we are suffering mass emigration.”

She’s now urging the education minister to review this decision because the consequences are ‘stark’ to what is being saved.”