Egggheads can’t crack Limavady

When Limavady woman Stacey Crockett was watching a BBC quiz show recently, she couldn’t believe it when a contestant couldn’t crack a question regarding her beloved home town.

The program in question was the popular general knowledge quiz show “Eggheads” on BBC Two. A contestant was asked by host Jeremy Vine where Limavady was located - Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

A question about Limavady on Eggheads.

A question about Limavady on Eggheads.

Barry, the contestant pitted against the formidable ‘Eggheads’. said: “I never heard of the town so, apologies to all the citizens of Limavady but it does sound Welsh to me so I shall go for Wales.”

Jeremy Vine replied: “Ah, Northern Ireland actually.”

The contest joked his future daughter-in-law was from Northern Ireland and he “would be in so much trouble now”.

Jeremy Vine quipped back saying “apologies to all viewers in Limavady. It’s only Barry that didn’t know that!”

Stacey said she couldn’t believe what she was watching.

“I couldn’t believe it when I seen it, so I thought I should get it on video, as it’s not every day you hear Limavady mentioned on a program like that, even if Barry thought it was in Wales!” said Stacey.

Proud Limavady man Peter Jack said while it was great the home of Danny Boy featured on the show, the town and surrounding area should be better known than it is.

“From sea to summit via the beautiful River Roe, our tourist board and local council are paid by our ratepayers to get the message out and give this area a better platform,” said Mr Jack. “Okay, we’re not as famnous as the Giant’s Causeway but Limavady is home to Danny Boy, sung all over the world, and we have beautiful Benone and the majestic Roe Valley Country Park where the River Roe runs through. There is no excuse not to get the message out there.”

Limavady SDLP Colr. Gerry Mullan said: “I’m not surprised one of the most beautiful and scenic parts of the world featured on the show, but I’m disappointed more people aren’t aware of Limavady, and certainly such clever people on Eggheads. We have so many local treasures, and more needs to be done to make them shine.”

Colr. Mullan said the recent theft of the statue of Celtic sea god, Mannanán Mac Lir from Binevenagh mountain in Limavady had attracted global attention, even featuring in ‘The New York Times’.

“Our reach is far, and we have so much to interest people, so hopefully the next time Limavady features on ‘Eggheads’, or any game show, people will know exactly where it is.”