Emmajane has Creative Energy

Derry artist Emmajane Logue at work in her Creative Energy office, Pump Street this week. DER0615MC081
Derry artist Emmajane Logue at work in her Creative Energy office, Pump Street this week. DER0615MC081

It seems an odd match but local woman Emmajane Logue is carving out a career for herself by combining her artistic talent with crystal healing.

The owner of Creative Energy, based in the courtyard behind Pump Street, Emmajane graduated from the University of Dundee with a Degree in Fine Art specialising in Drawing and Painting. Her artistic talent was evident from an early stage.

She explains, “From a young age I would have spent hours in front of an easel. But throughout primary and secondary school it wasn’t a main focus. In fact while at St Cecelia’s the main focus was very much on inding a ‘career’ and for some time I explored the sciences.” But her passion for art shone through and she decided to study for a BTech in Art at the North West Institute of Further and Higher Education.

“It was a great course which covered a wide range of subjects. I was able to study everything from ceramics to product design, and graphic art to drawing.

“I particularly loved the photography aspect and would spend many an afternoon walking around the city taking photos and bringing them back to incorporate into my art.”

Emmajane then graduated from the University of Dundee and returned to Derry in 2005 looking for a job.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I had previously worked in a homeless hostel and I liked the aspect of working with people. The community and voluntary sector is something I’ve worked in from the age of 15 so I have continued to work in this direction, facilitating and organising workshops for a wide range of women’s groups, youth groups, survivors of the Troubles and for those experiencing stress and/or anxiety.”

But while the art facilitation was going well Emmajane wanted to add another string to her bow.

“I initially went to a weekend workshop held here in the city, about crystal healing. It was purely for myself and while it didn’t focus on healing techniques it talked about the benefits and purposes of crystals. I experienced a real energy that weekend and wanted to learn more.”

Ten years later Emmajane is a Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner having studied initially for two years with the Vibrational Healing Foundation (VHF) to obtain their Diploma in Crystal and Energy Healing. She has also completed further studies with the VHF to obtain their Bach Flower Remedy Diploma and their Teacher Training Diploma course. Explaining the practices she says, “The aim of the therapies is to restore wholeness, balance and health to emotions, mind and spirit as well as the physical body.

“Your energy fluxuates and working with the crystals helps to work through things in your life. I was a sceptic myself until that first weekend. I wasn’t expecting to experience anything but I actually felt first hand what they could do.

“I couldn’t have envisaged this far down the line where I am now working towards becoming a specialist teacher.” Explaining how it works she says, “Crystal Healing can promote ‘wellness’, help prevent physical illness and support the recovery of existing symptoms. It can also be very helpful in crisis situations and with ‘terminal’ illness. Healing often involves some form of change in a client’s overall way of being.

“It may be through the release of redundant patterns, a relief of stress and tensions or a deeper insight into the cause of a specific problem or symptom. It may also be through revitalisation, relaxation or establishing a greater amount of peace and harmony.

“The energies of specific crystals may be calming, energising, purifying, grounding or uplifting. They may have a protective, sot, direct, light, profound or other energetic quality. A crystal healer will first of all assess the exact nature of any blockages in a client’s auric field and then choose crystals with the appropriate energy frequency to help restore harmony and balance.”

Yet Emmajane emphasises, “It is considered a complementary to traditional medicine Alongside the crystal and spiritual healing Emmajane continues to host art workshops. “

Art is still a major part of my life. On Saturday mornings at The Playtrail I facilitate art workshops for children aged between 3 and 10. I’m really drawn to their ethos and it’s a great space for art. Parents can stay too and get involved, which most do.

“I’m also hosting a new event called ‘Splatter and Chatter’ which will be on in the evenings for adults. It will explore different mediums each month and will include light refreshments. I’m hoping people who just want to have a go will come along, as I believe that everyone can be taught ‘art’.

“I’m also hoping to host some specialist workshops in life painting and ‘pleinair’ painting in situation. I am also exploring the idea of a ‘summer school’ for children where I take them out into the local environment to be inspired to create art.”

If you are interested in any of Emmajane’s work you can contact her on 07821410616, visit her website www.creativeenergy.org.uk or find her on Facebook, CreativeEnergyEmmajaneLogue