Emmett’s cookbook - the best in the world

Emmett picks up his award in China.
Emmett picks up his award in China.

A local chef and writer has just had his book named as the best Best Culinary Travel Book in the World.

Cultural food ambassador Emmett McCourt picked up the prize at the Gourman Books awards in China.

“To achieve international recognition through the Gourmand World Cook Book Awards – is a massive achievement for everyone involved in the concept, development and publication of the book – Feast or famine,” said Emmett.

“The award creates an international opportunity to introduce our cultural food story to a global audience.”

Derry chef Emmett McCourt researched the importance of his hometown’s contribution to world cuisine for many years.

Through the Irish Food Heritage Project and the publication of Feast of Famine, he has recovered age-old recipes, revived traditional cooking techniques, and rediscovered long-forgotten Irish food treasures. Feast or Famine takes you on an historical tour of Derry and Donegal and explores what makes this region such an abundant source of food and drink. His publication –Feast or Famine - shares the cultural food story of the North West Region.

Editor of Feast or Famine, Garbhan Downey from Guildhall Press speaking about the award said:

“It is both important and timely that Emmett’s commitment to Ireland’s culinary heritage is being rewarded in this way. He has established himself as a national authority in food history and has brought great credit to the Northwest region with his tireless endeavours”.