End sectarian attacks on ‘Mem’ - SF

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Sectarian attacks on the Apprentice Boys Hall in Derry must end, a Sinn Fein councillor has said.

Councillor Mickey Cooper says attacks on the Society Street Hall only “damage the on-going efforts to build good community relations in Derry.”

He was speaking after the third attack on the ‘Mem’ in three days.

Apprentice Boys Governor Jim Brownlee says he believes young nationalists are to blame.

“The paint bombs were thrown over the wall from the Bogside, so it is reasonable to assume that was the case.

“I would appeal to community leaders in that area to try and defuse any situations that exist down there.

“This is anti-social behaviour which we could all do without.

“We are trying to sell this city for 2013 and when visitors come along and see the results of paint bombs on the hall or on the walls the question has to be asked what impression does it give them?”

Councillor Cooper says anyone with information about the attacks should contact police.

“These repeated attacks on the hall are nothing but sectarian actions which are to be condemned outright.

“This is the third attack on this hall in just over a week and serves no purpose but to heighten tensions and attempt to damage the on-going efforts to build good community relations in Derry.

“I would call on anyone who saw anything suspicious in and around the hall to bring that information to the police.”