End to parking fines madness

Foyle Street, where the tickets were handed out.
Foyle Street, where the tickets were handed out.

Roads Service has finally removed confusing road markings at a city centre car park that disproportionately generated tens of thousands of pounds worth of ‘out of bay’ tickets over the past three years.

Transport NI removed the anomalous markings at its Foyle Street car park on Friday (November 28), two days after they were again asked if it was aware they were generating £45 penalty tickets that were being routinely rescinded at tribunal.

Back in March it was reported how Roads Service had committed to removing the faded layout markings after Tullyally motorist Robert Smallwoods successfully appealed an unjustly imposed parking ticket.

But last Wednesday (November 26) they were still there.

It can can also be revealed that between September 2012 and November 2014, the 54 space Foyle Street car park generated 484 ‘out of bay’ Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs), bringing in £21,780 in fines.

This dwarfed the 179 PCNs (£8,055) generated by the larger 62 space Queen’s Quay car park and the 33 PCNs (£1,485) generated by the larger 86 space Foyle Road car park.

Several motorists had tickets rescinded after appealing them to the Northern Ireland Traffic Parking Tribunal.“TransportNI is aware of the issue in Foyle Street and work has scheduled for Friday (28 November) to have the lines removed,” a spokesperson said