‘Enough is Enough’ says Councillor Cusack

SDLP's Councillor, Shauna Cusack.  (DR4113JB145)
SDLP's Councillor, Shauna Cusack. (DR4113JB145)

SDLP Cllr Shauna Cusack has expressed her disappointment that the residents surrounding Smyths Toy store on the Strand Road are still having to endure the same noise, litter and sleepless nights as a result of anti-social behaviour in Smyth Car Park Strand Road and has stated ‘enough is enough’

Cllr Cusack said: “Having worked on this issue since it was brought to our attention at Mark H Durkan’s office, directly opposite the site, I am disappointed the situation has escalated rather than being resolved. I have had numerous meetings with PSNI, residents and have also liaised with the car enthusiasts. It’s obvious that there’s a small minority who are making the lives of the residents a misery with their late night revving, littering and ASB, these inconsiderate individuals are giving the others a bad name. ”

“While I hoped that the message that this behaviour is totally unacceptable and should cease immediately would get through either directly or from fellow parkers it has come to the stage that more direct action must be taken. I have a list of residents’ complaints , and particularly one elderly lady call me in tears stating she has to leave her home of 40 years every evening in order to get a nights peace, how would these drivers feel if that were their mother or grandmother ?.’

As a result I have contacted the owners, the PSNI and extend this invite to the car park users in the hope of reaching an immediate and viable solution to this matter. In the meantime the PSNI urge people to please report any incident by calling 101, it is imperative that this matter is given urgent attention.