Enrolment day for new programme at Derry Well Woman

Derry Well Woman has announced details of its new September-December 2012 programme.

The new programme offers individual support through counselling, listening ear, one-to-one clinics and medical signposting. There is also the opportunity to meet with other women experiencing a health crisis or lifestyle change in support groups for eating disorders and cancer.

Our courses and classes include complementary therapies, confidence and self-esteem building classes, Living Life to the Full, Life Coaching for Positive Change the innovative Tonicity singing, developing skills to cope with depression, anxiety and stress and practical supports for women in later life.

A spokeswoman said: “Derry Well Woman is committed to working with mothers and children together and we have a range of programmes suited to supporting the mother/baby relationship; baby massage, breastfeeding support, children’s nutrition and Sleep Management. This year we continue to provide our therapeutic support programme for women living with eating disorders.

“Derry Well Woman is committed to supporting women who have been directly affected by the Troubles through our Harmony Programme.

“Over the years Derry Well Woman has led the development of programmes for women living with life threatening illnesses. Our support to women living with a cancer diagnosis includes cancer counselling, a fortnightly cancer support group, a two-day complementary therapy programme and an eight week Well Programme.

“This year we are providing support to women living with Fibromyalgia. “These programmes of support are at three levels: - A seven week Managing the Challenge Programme; a twelve week Well Programme; and a Peer-Led Support Group.”

A free Créche is available daily from 9.30am - 3.30pm for programme users.

The spokeswoman continued: “Derry Well Woman is committed to working to ensure that your voice is heard and that what you say influences how our services are delivered, as well as you gaining an insight into health issues of particular concern to yourself and your family.

“We want to hear your ideas and suggestions for new programmes which you would like us to offer and suggestions on how we can do better what we already provide.

“We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, September 11, Enrolment Day!”