Enter the Void for trip to Mars

A STUNNING new exhibition featuring a massive video projection of a post-Apocolyptic Mars is to unveiled in Derry this weekend.

Canadian artist’s Kelly Richardson’s striking artworks from the digital ‘Haunted’ project will go on display from Saturday evening at Void Gallery on Patrick Street in the city centre.

Greg McCartney, curator of 'Haunted' which opens at the Void Gallery this weekend.

Greg McCartney, curator of 'Haunted' which opens at the Void Gallery this weekend.

The haunting works feature the moving landscape of Mars in the future, with a sandstorm, and the surface of the red planet littered with the imagined ruins of numerous actual satellites and space crafts sent off from earth.

Artist Ms Richardson has taken NASA’s own imagery and technical data of the Martian landscape to create the 13-metre epic work, entitled ‘Mariner 9’.

She has combined this will Hollywood special effects via complex scenery generation software and other features to create massive artworks.

Two other large scale installations of different cosmic scenes entitled ‘Exiles of the Shattered Star’ and ‘Orion Tide’, will also be displayed in other rooms at the Void.

The latter sees countless rockets soaring into the night sky from a landscape like an otherworldly dessert at night. ‘Exiles’ meanwhile shows fire balls raining down on a beautiful lakeside landscape.

‘Haunted’ Curator Greg McCartney said it conjured questions about our environment and what will happen in the future.

“It is an incredible work,” he said ahead of the launch.

“I see her work very much in the mode or the breath of the painters John Martin and Turner, this epic imagination.”

He added that the work would appeal to everyone from science fiction fans and space addicts to environmentalists and children interested in exploration.

The new show will also mark the reopening of City Factory Space on the floor above the current Void Gallery, where the new exhibition will be housed.

It will also be accompanied by the launch of ‘Abridged 0 -10: Haunted’ project, which commissions and publishes contemporary/ experimental poetry and to initiate contemporary art exhibitions.

The new exhibition by Kelly Richardson will remain in the Void for around two months and entry is free.