Entering Free Derry - in six languages!

You Are Now Entering Free Derry - in SIX different languages! (70512JC4)
You Are Now Entering Free Derry - in SIX different languages! (70512JC4)

With so many international visitors frequenting the city nowadays, a new T-shirt featuring six international translations of one of the world’s most famous revolutionary slogans - ‘You Are Now Entering Free Derry’ - is sure to sell like hotcakes.

The new range in T-Shirts have been designed and created by the Museum of Free Derry in Glenfada Park and go on sale this week.

With the Museum now attracting more and more visitors from all over the world, the new T-Shirt will undoubtedly prove popular.

Adrian Kerr, Manager of Museum of Free Derry, told the ‘Journal’ yesterday: “This has been designed particularly for all of our international visitors.”

“The Museum has always been multi-lingual and provided translations for our international visitors and so this T-Shirt will certainly appeal to that market. Many people have said they would be very interested in seeing the Free Derry slogan translated into their own language, so as well as in English, the T-Shirt has the slogan in six languages - Irish, Basque, Catalan, Spanish, French, German and Italian.”

The new T-Shirt is on sale now from the Museum of Free Derry in Derry’s Bogside, priced £10. A perfect gift for friends or family abroad! www.museumoffreederry.org