Entrepreneur appointed to Airport Board

Quintin Oliver.
Quintin Oliver.

City of Derry Airport has appointed entrepreneur Quintin Oliver as a new Non-Executive Director to the board of CODA (Operations) Ltd.

Mr Oliver is a successful entrepreneur across a number of business areas.

He runs his own political consultancy Stratagem from Belfast, and its conflict resolution counterpart Stratagem International fielding conflicts across the globe.

He previously chaired the Board of the Nerve Centre for a decade in the early 2000s.

Mr Oliver stated: “The challenges facing small regional airports are immense, but for CoDA there are additional uncertainties in the Brexit context. Nevertheless, with talented staff and loyal customers, we can grow this mainstay of north-west infrastructure.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors for CoDA (Operations) Ltd, Mr Roy Devine stated: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Quintin Oliver to the Board of Directors in his new role as Non-Executive Director. I am confident that Quintin’s outward-facing and advocacy skills will help us develop the Airport into the next decade.”

Roy said that Mr Oliver will make a creative contribution to the board of CODA (Operations) Ltd in his ability to provide objective and constructive criticism and independent judgement on issues of strategy, performance and resources and by promoting the highest possible standard of corporate governance. He also urged people to “Think Local and Choose CoDA”.