£600k Dungiven recycling centre to be ready by summer

Work is expected to start in the coming weeks on a £600,000 new state-of-the-art household recycling centre in Dungiven.

The new facility will be located to the rear of the Sports pavilion, with the Sperrins as a backdrop. The centre will take about six months to complete and should be operational by the summer.

“The overall project has been in the works for a number of years because there were some issues with it in the past, but we now have all the necessary approvals for the current site and we hope to commence work in the next few weeks,” said Limavady Council’s Director of Environmental Services, Noel Crawford.

Mr. Crawford said the centre will be similar “by and large” to Council’s centre based on the Ballyquin Road.

“We want to emphasise it is a recycling centre - not a dump or anything of that nature - and it will be to serve Dungiven and the wider Dungiven area,” he told the ‘Journal’.

“It’s definitely not a dump and, again, our centre on the Ballyquin Road is right next to housing and we have no issues with it and, likewise, we don’t anticipate any issues at this site either.”

Currently, recycling amenities for Dungiven area are limited to a couple of skips and a number of large recycling banks located in the corner of the car park to the front of the Pavilion.

“The facility we have at the minute was put here on a temporary basis several years ago and we clearly need to replace that with a more modern facility and, also, the Council has an obligation to meet certain waste management targets and to do that we need to be getting as much recycling as possible out of the waste stream.”

“This is it, all systems go,” he added.

John McCarron, Waste Management Officer at Limavady Borough Council, said: “Increasing taxes on land-filled waste and fines for exceeding landfill targets alongside the desire to protect natural resources have driven this requirement for council to provide residents with the most up to date facilities possible.

“Dungiven HRC will be a welcome addition to the currently available wide range of recycling options in the Borough.”

. Dungiven Household Recycling Centre (HRC) will provide segregated recycling facilities for a wide range of materials including wood, glass, plastics, garden materials and scrap metal.

. Conveniently located at the back of Dungiven Sports Pavilion with access through the existing Sports Centre and Health Centre entrance on Chapel Road the HRC has been designed to maintain traffic movement with a one way flow system and spacious set down areas to deposit materials.

. Staff onsite will be available at all times to assist and direct customers to the various collection points in what will be a fully lit, secure facility.

. A 20 year Landscape Management Plan has been drawn up to reduce visual impact and integrate the development with the surrounding vegetation.

In order to meet stringent recycling and landfill diversion targets it is necessary for council to continually explore new ways of providing residents of the Borough with convenient user-friendly infrastructure.