Beechwood traffic issues still a concern for residents

Traffic congestion at the bottom of Beechwood is continuing to exercise local residents fed up with gridlock, parking issues and air pollution, a local councillor has claimed.

Sinn Féin’s Patricia Logue recently held an onsite meeting with the Department for Infrastructure to discuss traffic issues in the area.

She said: “I felt it was important to have this onsite meeting with the Department for Infrastructure to highlight a number of road traffic issues affecting the area. I have been receiving complaints about the constant gridlock of traffic at peak times of the day on Marlborough Terrace, Beechwood Avenue and Laburnum Terrace, with a particular problem for vehicles exiting and entering the junction at the bottom of Beechwood Avenue.

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“This is also causing problems for residents being able to park outside their homes, as well as air pollution. After lobbying we got a KEEP CLEAR box installed at the junction back in 2019 but the problem continues.”

Colr. Logue said residents have once again raised the issue of the introduction of a one-way system around Westland Avenue and Westland Terrace.

“It must be nearly two years since a consultation process took place and local people again are asking for something to be done . Like the residents just around the corner, they are faced with traffic gridlock throughout the day and trying to exit out onto Westland Street. I have appealed to the Department for Infrastructure to try and find a workable solution to these issues.”