Brown bin plans in final stages

Plans to introduce a new brown bin recycling service in Derry - including where in the city it will be implemented - are to be finalised next month.

Around 24,000 homes will get the new bin as part of a pilot scheme aimed at cutting the amount of food waste landfilled.

Conor Canning, Head of Environmental Services with Derry City Council said the new service will “assist us in improving our recycling rates, preserve our environment and save money.”

The local authority is currently in the advanced stages of purchasing three collection vehicles and 24,000 food waste caddie bins and liners and the appointment of a company to deliver the service.

Mr Canning said particpating householders will be notfied in the coming weeks about how best to use the service.

He said further details relating to where the brown bin service will operate will be presented to members of Environmental Services Committee for consideration next month.

“Food waste services offer the benefit of being able to recycle items such as meat fish and cooked food which are not usually composted in a traditional home composter.

“We are hugely excited about introducing this service and hope to extend it across the city in the very near future, he said.

More information is avaialble online at