Celebrating water next weekend in Inishowen

Celebrate Water! is Inishowen’s newest voluntary, community initiative, featuring a packed programme of activities running from June 15th to June 24th in Moville, Greencastle, Inch and Clonmany.

Celebrate Water! will explore our relationship with water and how we use it for health, enjoyment and inspiration. The programme events include: wildlife walks and talks, history walks and talks, arts, crafts, music, fun and games, water sports, gardening and growing, cooking, science, health and well-being and storytelling. 

All the events are free and family friendly and the Celebrate Water!

Organisers encourage all ages to participate in a hands-on, creative way and to enjoy this exciting festival.

Event co-ordinators, Rose Kelly, Trish Murphy and Kathleen O’Hara Farren are delighted with the positive response to date.

“People from across the community are actively involved,” Rose explains. “The ethos behind the festival is for us to look at who and what we have in our community and the abundance that is there, partly as an antidote to the mindset of austerity and getting away from the idea that wealth is contained in monetary terms only.”

Trish adds: “The festival hopes to help make our communities more aware of the wonderful aquatic environment all around us, of the myriad of wildlife that is supported by this environment and how we interact with them.”

While Kathleen continued: “In doing so, we find an increased appreciation for the gift that water really is. By focusing on water in this way, we are supporting each other to live in a more sustainable and harmonious way.”

Rose quips: “If you have even the slightest interest or remotest curiosity we encourage you to come along - there is something for everyone!”