Committee’s concern over ‘slippage’

Reacting to what the Roads Minister had to say, the Dungiven Bypass Committee said while it welcomed Danny Kennedy’s public recognition that Dungiven needs a bypass they expressed concern about slippage in the time frame for a Public Enquiry.

“Before Roads Service was talking about 2011 and then early 2012 and now that has moved to mid 2012, so we are concerned that time slippage may grow and we feel it’s very important given the danger to health with the high levels of pollution that the bypass is built as soon as possible,”” said bypass committee spokesperson, Aidan Farren.

In the meantime, Mr Farren said the Dungiven Bypass Committee would be keeping the pressure on all politicians.

“We are going to keep lobbying our public representatives, that’s all we can do at the minute; we can’t do very much until we find out if there is any more slippage and what happens with the public enquiry,”” he said.

“”We were encouraged to hear the minister say there is £60 million in the kitty for the job because there was some concern and confusion about that money but, we are hopeful now that things can move forward but, we are also concerned that if the A5 doesn’t go ahead the money will go back into the mix and that means all of Northern Ireland and Dungiven may be put on the long finger again.””