Council ‘ready for worst case scenario’

Limavady Borough Council has vowed it is “ready for the worst case scenario” should the cold snap experienced last year return.

With weeks of arctic temperatures and heavy snow gripping the North West last year, the council says it is prepared should the treacherous conditions make an unwelcome return.

“Council assists, when it has the resources available to do so, in the gritting and salting of pavements and footpaths at the request of, and under the direction of Roads Service, who also provide the grit and salt,” a spokesperson for the Council told the ‘Journal’. “Also, Council will continue to work with ‘blue light’ and other agencies in the case of any emergency.”

In recent weeks, there has been speculation snow could come as early as the end of the month. However, as Council stresses, “there is no concrete ‘evidence to prove this snow will actually fall at the end of the month”.

“The Met Office long range weather forecast indicates that temperatures will be ‘close to or just below normal for most parts of the UK to the end of October’ and right through to November, and does not mention snow,” said the spokesperson, adding: “However, Council is ready for the worst case scenario and will assist Roads Service by the terms of their agreement if needs be.”

A formal agreement with Roads Service was signed last December during the cold snap.