Creevagh Road used by illegal dumpers

Those responsible for a major case of illegal dumping on a well known road in Derry have been accused of endangering the lives of motorists who use the route.

The material including large pieces of timber and building material, as well as a television set was left along the Creevagh Road in Creggan at some point over the past number of days and it’s currently causing a hazard for motorists.

One man who encountered the rubbish said: “Some people have no respect whatsoever. I can’t believe anyone would just come out here and pull up and just abandon all this stuff like this.

“It’s absolutely disgusting, not to mention that fact that anyone using the road has been inconvenienced. It’s not good enough that people feel like they can use areas that are a bit rural like this because they think they won’t be seen.”

Another man who contacted the ‘Journal’ yesterday about the dumping said: “Rubbish dumped on a road on a scale like this has the potential to cause an accident. People may be driving as they usually would and not be aware that this is just around the corner and end up having to make a sudden stop which can be very dangerous.

“It’s not good enough that it can just be left here like this but the people who dump like this should face stiffer penalties.”

A spokesperson for Derry City and Strabane District Council yesterday explained that council was aware of the issue and that plans were made for a supervisor to inspect the area and arrangements made to have the offending material lifted.

The spokesperson added that officers were working to identify the source of the dumping with a view to taking appropriate prosecution procedures.

Council experts have warned people against risking prosecution by dumping illegally.