Creggan water cut after mains bursts

Councillor Kevin Campbell
Councillor Kevin Campbell

Creggan councillor Kevin Campbell has said he hopes supply will be restored later tonight to hundreds of homes in Creggan left without water after a mains burst.

He said: “Both Colly Kelly and I have been inundated with phone calls from early morning from residents in the new development of Ballymagowan, Circular Road, and Creggan Heights to say the water in their homes was off. I contacted NI Water who sent an engineer to the scene.

“Councillor Kelly also went to the scene and spoke to NI Water officials, who informed him that a burst pipe was the source of the problem and it was a major job. It was fixed around 3pm but burst again shortly afterwards. Hundreds of homes have been without water for an entire day and there is low water pressure in other areas of Creggan.

“I would like to commend NI water for trying to get this resolved as speedily as possible. Hopefully water can be restored to homes at some stage later tonight.”