Derry’s population on the rise

Derry’s population has grown slightly despite around 600 people migrating away from the city, new figures reveal.

The statistics released yesterday by Stormont’s Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP) reveal that between July 2009 and the June 2010, the population of Derry rose by 200 - or 0.2%

A total of 109,800 people now live in the city.

The figures further reveal that a total of 600 people left the city - 300 to other areas of the north while a further 300 left Northern Ireland completely.

Across the north the population increased by 10,500 to its new total of 1.799 million people.

A spokesman for DFP’s Statistics and Research Agency said the population changes are due to a natural growth of 10,800 people (25,000 births and 14,200 deaths), an equal numbers of people coming to and leaving Northern Ireland (22,500 people each way) and a net loss of 300 due to changes in British forces stationed in the north

“Migration to Northern Ireland has fallen over the last three years.

“Last year the overall impact of migration on the total number of people living in Northern Ireland was zero.

“Despite that 22,500 people came to live here and 22,500 left Northern Ireland to live elsewhere.

“This in contrast to the years between 2004 and 2008 when there was marked population growth due to migration – when a net total of 32,000 people were added to the population.”