Derry solidarity rally with Cuba

A rally will be held at Free Derry Corner on Saturday afternoon to call for an ‘end to the blockade of Cuba’ and to mark the anniversary of the beginning of the Cuban revolution.

Friday, 23rd July 2021, 1:07 pm
Free Derry Corner.

Speaking ahead of the event, a spokesperson for Cuba Solidarity Forum Ireland said: “26th July is a historic date in the Cuban calendar as it marks the start of the Cuban revolution and the foundation of Fidel Castro’s 26 July Movement.”

The Cuba Solidarity Movement said that this marked the beginning of a revolution “that would defeat Batista’s regime and change the world through the implementation of progressive socialist policies’. “For 60 years the United States has enforced an economic, commercial and financial blockade of the Island of Cuba which has served only to deprive ordinary people of resources and instil hardship,” the spokesperson claimed, adding: “It’s time to lift the unjustified blockade which has repressed Cuba for decades. During the dark times of the last 12 months, we have all seen the bravery and resilience of Cuban health staff in delivering world quality care to countries battling the pandemic.

“We’re asking people to join us on Saturday, 1pm at Free Derry Corner to celebrate the Cuban revolution and send a message that Derry stands with the people of Cuba.”