Derry stands with Donegal over MICA

Free Derry Corner has been given a makeover as part of the campaign for 100% redress for the families in Donegal whose homes have been affected by MICA.

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 9:35 am

The gesture of solidarity at the iconic Derry monument was widely welcomed by the affected families, campaigners and the wider community across Donegal after the images first appeared on social media on Wednesday evening.

Triax Neighbourhood Management were credited with having helped to get the 100% redress message writ large onto Free Derry Corner.

MICA families are fighting for an overhaul of a MICA Redress scheme introduced by the Irish government, which offered 90 per cent of the cost associated with rebuilding the homes. Families have said that flaws in the scheme however mean that many would have to pay way more than 10% as the government contribution is capped and bound by different regulations, which have made the scheme prohibitive to many.

Iconic Free Derry Corner has been given a special make-over in solidarity with the families affected by MICA defective blocks across the border in neighbouring Donegal.

Numerous critical issues have been raised over the scheme after the full details of it emerged, including families being unable to borrow, having to pay thousands to have their homes inspected with no guarantee of this money being refunded and the lack of any funding for relocation costs while works to their home are taking place.

Those affected will have to endure their homes being demolished and rebuilt or major rebuilding to the structure of their homes. Unbeknownst to them, their homes were built with defective blocks and many have started to crumble after cracks appeared, making the homes unsafe.

The families want parity with those affected by pyrite in the east of the country.

It is thought thousands of homes are affected across Donegal, and over 10,000 people gathered in Buncrana and Letterkenny last week to register their concerns. They will now take the campaign to Dublin on June 15.