Derry still tops landfill league

More rubbish from Derry ends up in landfill than from any of the north’s other council areas.

Details contained in the Department of Environment (DOE) 2010/11 NI Municipal Waste Management Statistics Annual Report show that only around 30% of the near 60,000 tonnes of waste produced in Derry last year was recycled.

The report further reveals that Derry City Council sent more waste to landfill last year than it did in the previous 12 months.

Government targets set out within the Northern Ireland Waste Management Strategy dictate that 40% of waste should be recycled by 2015.

A spokeswoman for Derry City Council says the local authority is committed to recycling more.

She says the council sent 2400 tonnes less than its permitted allowance to landfill and says a range of measures have been implemented to increase recycling rates.

The spokeswoman says that council had introduced additional materials to the blue bin collection scheme including glass, textiles and tetra packs and introduced 15,000 composting bins across the council area.

“Works have also commenced to refurbish the Claudy Recycling Centre with improvements to enhance the recycling provision at the site.

“The council works in close partnership with other member councils of the North West Region Waste Management Group to bring forward additional projects to enhance recycling provision and diversion of wastes from landfill as well as providing information to the public through a variety of educational and promotional campaigns,” she says.

Of Derry’s total waste of 59,438 tonnes, just over 15,000 was recycled while a further 1718 tonnes was sent for composting.

Across the north, recycling rates increased last year by 2%.

Environment minister Alex Attwood welcomed the rise.

“It is particularly important to reduce biodegradable waste as this has the biggest impact on our environment. This large drop demonstrates the efforts that both householders, through changes to their attitudes towards waste, and local councils, through provision of recycling programmes and facilities, have made.

“This year’s Northern Ireland Municipal Waste Management Statistics and Landfill Allowance Scheme Reports provides me with a high level of confidence that Councils will meet both the Northern Ireland Landfill Allowance Scheme and EU landfill diversion targets.”

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