‘Dungiven sits in a constant haze’

East Derry Sinn Fein MLA, Cathal O’hOisin is confident Dungiven will get a bypass, and has pledged to continue lobbying for it.

“I think this is another milestone because certainly it pushes it on forward towards a Public Enquiry, which was promised in fairness to be started by this stage, but the last time I spoke with the minister, Danny Kennedy, it looks like it will be the summer or end of the summer for the launch of a Public Enquiry,” he said at the public exhibition on Tuesday.

“All these processes are all part with what have to be done to make the scheme shovel-ready when money is identified.

“There is money in the budget, unfortunately not enough for the entire scheme, but I think it should be prioritised. Dungiven Bypass is needed this town takes more traffic, possibly than any other similar-type road on the island and all the associated health reasons. Look at Dungiven any day of the week, morning or night, and it’s an absolute nightmare for locals and for travellers as well. 10 times the EU levels of nitrous dioxide speaks for itself. If you go up Benbradagh and look down at Dungiven you’ll see it sits in a constant haze and that’s what we are living with daily and it’s totally intolerable. This bypass has to happen and I’m confident it will happen and like to see it started duting this current mandate.”

Dungiven Sinn Fein councillor, Sean McGlinchey: “I am confident the bypass will happen. It’s crucial and we have to keep fighting for it and make sure it happens. This has been on the table for long enough now and it;s time the people of Dungiven, especially those people suffering daily because of the heavy traffic and the associated pollution levels. It has to happen.”