Foyle Springs residents can’t be ignored - Boyle

SDLP Councillor John Boyle.  (1208JB41)
SDLP Councillor John Boyle. (1208JB41)

SDLP Northlands Councillor John Boyle has given a “cautious welcome” to confirmation from Roads Minister Danny Kennedy that a future road improvement scheme on the Northland Road will be given priority.

The scheme, which will include traffic lights at the junction of the busy Springtown Road and Northland Road, has been added to the list of similar schemes in the Derry City Council area.

Councillor Boyle said that “residents’ frustrations and concerns cannot be ignored any longer”.

“Everyone who lives in the Foyle Springs area and every other motorist who uses the Northland Road is too well aware of the problems and dangers that this junction has presented for many years.

“In a written reply, to my colleague Mark H Durkan MLA, Minister Kennedy has informed the SDLP that the much-needed improvement scheme now meets the department’s criteria for progress towards improvement.

“The SDLP have been liaising with DRD Roads service for some time now on this issue. This latest commitment does mark significant progress in what’s become a long campaign on behalf of local residents, I and my colleagues will continue to maintain a watching brief.

“I am heartened to hear that the proposed development scheme is starting to move in a positive direction and that it has been added to the official DRD Roads Divisions list of works that will be prioritised. However, after years of negotiation and let downs, I am also of a mind to give a cautious welcome to the latest information from Minister Kennedy.

“The SDLP will continue to press, without let up, to ensure that the Minister and his department make good on their stated intentions. Nothing short of a major overhaul at this busy junction will be acceptable to the residents of Foyle Springs in particular and people who use both roads on a regular basis. Their frustrations cannot and will not be ignored.”