Historic City design guide

Environment Minister Alex Attwood has launched a Design Guide for Derry’s Historic City Conservation Area which will protect the area’s special architectural and historic character.

Importantly, the Design Guide alters the boundary of the Conservation Area as originally designated in 1977.

The Historic City Conservation Area now includes additional areas around Carlisle Road, Horace Street, Hawkin Street, Henry Street, Grove Place, a small section of John Street and a small extension to Waterloo Place.

A small area has also been excluded which is now part of the Foyleside Shopping Centre.

Mr. Attwood explained: “Along with the recently published Magee Design Guide, the publication of the Historic City Design Guide today should improve our understanding of the unique characteristics that make up the city and help us all to preserve or enhance its character of appearance.

“The new guide will provide us with a better understanding of the distinctive attributes of the Conservation Area. It will assist the Department in managing change, within the Conservation Area and its setting, in order to ensure that its special character is protected.”

With regard to recent events within the city, Alex Attwood went on to say: “In the recent instance of the demolition of a non-listed building in the city illustrates, albeit demolition required on health and safety grounds, the Department’s powers are not limitless. It is important, therefore, that we strive to spread awareness of the many benefits both social and economic that conservation area status can bring.”

The Historic City Conservation Area was originally designated in February 1977. Following a Conservation Area Review of the city’s inner urban area in June 2004, the Department re-designated the Area with boundary amendments in June 2006.

During the public consultation period that followed the publication of the Draft document, nine representations were received, including responses from the statutory consultees i.e. Derry City Council and the Historic Building Council. Representations were also made by Ilex, The Foyle Civic Trust, DPP, UAHS and members of the public.

Copies of the Plan can be obtained from: Northern Area Planning Office, Orchard House, 40 Foyle Street, Derry, BT48 6AT. Alternatively the document can be viewed online on the DOE Planning website: at www.planningni.gov.uk