Illegal Donegal Dumpers Beware

Irate residents in a Derry estate have blasted Donegal people who, they allege, are using their area as an illegal dumping ground.

Curryneirin residents contacted the ‘Journal’ earlier this week claiming that a white van, with Donegal registration plates, pulled into the grass area on the estate two young fellas got out and started unloading the contents.

“The van was filled to the brim with rubbish, mostly household rubbish as well a number of tarpaulins and broken buckets and they didn’t care where they threw them.”

This was not, they claim, the first time this has happened.

Another resident said: “Donegal people need to know that just because they can’t use our dumps doesn’t mean they can use our parks as dumps instead.”

Derry’s civic recycling centres are free to use however access is prevented to any vehicle with Southern registration plates.