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ONE of the county’s largest illegal dumps has been discovered in Inishowen the ‘Journal’ can reveal.

Donegal County Council has confirmed it has discovered a large illegal dump near Burnfoot.

Although the Council are remaining tight lipped about the site, it is understood the discovery was made earlier this month following monitoring of the site by investigators.

According to local sources it is believed the council had been watching the area “day and night” for “quite sometime” to gather information on the dump, who was doing the dumping and what type of material was being disposed of.

It is unknown at the this stage what exactly was being dumped in the area but it was suggested locally that there is ‘considerable concern’ amongst those living close to the site..

One of the sources who contacted the ‘Journal’ yesterday said the council were alerted to the dumping by a number of local people.

She said: “People became concerned that something suspicious was going on in the area when there was a lot of unusual activity, especially at odd hours of the day and night.”

It is understood council staff found a lorry and its driver on the site when they raided it.

The dump is the first sizeable illegal dumping ground to be found in the county for several years and it is believed it could contain several hundred tonnes of waste.

Donegal County Council said it could not comment on the case as it may be subject to legal proceedings.