‘Inconsiderate parking’ leads to £30 fines in Derry’s Duncreggan area

Police in Derry have issued numerous fixed penalties to the owners of vehicles in relation to ‘inconsiderate parking’ in the Duncreggan and Aberfoyle areas of Derry.

Officers from Foyleside and the Moor Neighbourhood Policing team visited the area earlier this week following reports of inconsiderate parking.

Residents and local representatives have repeatedly raised concerns over the issue. They have expressed dismay over the proliferation of traffic and people clogging up streets by parking outside their homes and have also warned that this was hindering access for emergency services as well as residents.

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Police on patrol in the area (top) and some of the cars parked in the area (bottom). Images: PSNI

“The next stage of this current approach with be enforcement which will result in £30 fixed penalty or worse removal of the vehicle. We have also been engaging with our partners in Duncreggan student village to get this message out to the local student body so that everyone is educated prior to enforcement.”

In a follow-up operation on Wednesday, police confirmed that 15 Fixed Penalty Notices for Obstructing Roads were issued and a few were also served Fixed Penalty Notices for ‘Obstructing Junctions’.

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“These patrols are in response to concerns received from local residents and members of public and it was great to hear the positive feedback from those who came out and engaged with us.

“We will continue to monitor this and react to concerns of our local residents,” a spokesperson said.

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