Journal online sorts Burt swans!

The Inishowen village of Burt suffered its third power cut in a week on Friday afternoon. Homes in Ballymoney, Mullaney and Carrowen were without electricity for approximately two hours.

It is believed the cause was whooper swans migrating to the nearby Inch Lake. The birds constantly fly into overhead power lines.

Despite several requests to ESB, the area’s network provider, a strategy for overcoming the swan problem has not been forthcoming.

However, a member of the Journal’s online community, who read about Burt’s continual power cuts at has proposed a solution.Taylor87, who posted a response, said swans fly at around the same level as the power lines.

He said: “In many cases, upon seeing the lines the swans take rapid avoiding action to fly above the lines. The earth wire above, which is thinner and harder to see causes the bulk, if not all, of the collisions.

“Swan flight diverters are coils fitted to the lines, which make the lines more visible to the birds. They have shown a ninety-five to a hundred per cent reduction in collision victims. This has been thought out and, in my opinion, is the best solution for the residents of Burt and the swans migrating from Iceland for the winter.”