Met office says Arctic winter may not happen

The MET Office have predicted that the worst of the wet weather has passed while also criticising media reports which have suggested Ireland should brace itself for the worst winter in years.

Derry and Donegal have been battered with gale force winds and heavy downpours for most of the last five days. The MET office has confirmed that the weather station in Malin Head reported gale force winds of between 30-33 knots yesterday. As a result weather, gale and small craft warnings were issued by the national weather authority.

Derry and Donegal were to experience at least 25mm to 30mm of rain on Monday night which, “would give rise to localised flooding in some areas.”

Pat Clarke, weather forcaster for the MET, Dublin also said: “The worst of the weather will pass however there will still be wet spells today and the temperature will drop at night with some frost expected; however that is typical for this time of year.”

Mr. Clarke then urged people to “keep a sense of perspective” when reporting the weather. “We have seen a number of articles predicting extreme weather for October but none of those have come to pass. We would urge the public to concentrate on the short range weather reports which are most accurate. October has been a mild month and despite the wet weather Ulster has experienced exceptionally mild weather.

“Despite this, articles forewarning of Arctic conditions have proved wide of the mark.

While these may be on the way they cannot be predicted accurately so no one can say for sure.”