Moville’s ships, smells and sewage

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This was the scene at the weekend when the cruise ship, Quest For Adventure, put down anchor in the Foyle Estuary at Carnagarve.

According to local spokesperson, Enda Craig the visit of this luxury vessel indicates one more time that controversial plans by Donegal Co. Council to open up sewerage discharge plant there are unrealistic.

Mr Craig said: “It is difficult to comprehend that should this plant go ahead these visitors to our shores will be met in the first instance by the unholy sight and smell of this offensive discharge in the immediate vicinity of their ship.”

Local activists have been vociferous in their opposition to the plan citing the proposal to discharge sewerage fifty metres from the beach as part of the proposed Moville Greencastle Waste Water Treatment Plant as ‘ludicrous’.

In recent years the plan has been extremely controversial and has led to several hearings and a number of legal challenges.

Mr Craig again: “This proposal and its location is hardly a suitable welcome and surely flies in the face of all attempts by local people attempting to attract additional footfall to this beautiful part of the Inishowen Peninsula. First impressions are all important.

With Donegal Co. Council having already spent 5m. euro on the project last month a massive spanner was thrown into the works after it was revealed British Crown Estate were laying claim to the entire seabed of Lough Foyle and indicated they would attempt to block any plan to pump effluent into waters at Carnagarve. Inishowen Councillor Jack Murray told the Journal at the time: “The Council had advertised the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Marine as the owner of the seabed when issuing the CPO (Compulsory Purchase Order) to purchase lands there. Now it is alleged that the Department knows nothing about a CPO”.

The Sinn Fein councillor went on: “In the face of well documented opposition, millions of taxpayer’s money has been spent on this project to date. We are very concerned that there is potential for millions more - possibly up to another 11/12m. euro - to be potentially wasted.As public representatives, we would find that to be indefensible.

Colr Murray added that it was incumbent on local representatives to ‘stand up and protect’ the natural assets of the area.

Locals have fought to have the proposed plant built north of Greencastle and have the outfall pipe pumped safely into coastal waters,not into the confines of Lough Foyle.