‘No one asked us for our opinion’

Two massive wind farms will be in operation at Kinnego Bay, outside Moville, by the end of summer and that has seriously divided public opinion in the area.

According to one source windmills ‘might be fine out at sea or up the side of the mountain but certainly not in our backyards.”

And yesterday a spokesperson for the Inishowen Wind Energy Awareness Group said they strongly objected to the way the whole issue had been handled, claiming there had been ‘zero consultation’ with local residents.

“There was never any planning application put in a local people informing residents of this. Certain land owners were approached and, quite rightly, agreed to reserve and rent land to the development.

“They’ll make money so while we don’t agree with them we understand why they have taken their decision

“What we do know is that Donegal Co. Council turned down the original application, this was then appealed to An Bord Pleannala who ordered an investigation. Their inspector recommended that it also be refused but on hearing permission was granted.”

The spokesperson said: “Our community is split down the middle. The people with no land feel they have no voice, that their rights have been rode roughshod over. We have learned that a now defunct group, the Carrowmenagh District Development Group, wrote a letter in ‘total support’ of this project but we were never asked our views”.