Overgrown vegetation obscuring lines of sight on busy Derry to Donegal road

Overgrown vegetation is obscuring the line of sight for road users on a busy road on the outskirts of Derry, it has been warned.

Concerns have been raised a serious accident could occur if action is not taken to cut back rampant verges at a junction on the main Derry to Killea road.

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue has urged the Department for Infrastructure to cut the grass margins on rural roads just of south of Derry City and to carry out an inspection to prioritise areas that may need this work carried out.

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She was speaking after being contacted by a constituent concerned that overgrown grass was blocking the view just outside the village at Ballougry Hill Road.

Councillor Logue said “I was contacted by a constituent this week with concerns about the height of the grass at the junction of Ballougry Hill Road and the main Letterkenny Road. They had difficulty seeing the oncoming traffic from Derry and had to edge their car out onto the main road to exit the junction.

“This is a very busy main arterial route with very heavy traffic in both directions so we must ensure that all the grass verges at junctions are cut as a matter of urgency and an inspection carried out of all junctions in the area and prioritise those which need immediate work.

“I have also reported overgrown vegetation and tree branches at the Lonemoor, Foyle Road and Letterkenny Road junction.”