Rapper, former drug addict, launches anti-drugs project

Kristian Shortt, centre pictured distributing the 'Truth about Drugs' leaflets in Letterkenny.
Kristian Shortt, centre pictured distributing the 'Truth about Drugs' leaflets in Letterkenny.

A former drug addict and the son of a man wrongly convicted and jailed for drugs offences is set to distribute 10,000 anti-drug leaflets across Derry later this month.

The ‘Truth About Drugs’ campaign, which is funded by the Scientology Mission of Dublin, will see the 30 page booklets, detailing the side effects of various substances, distributed in order to combat the “scourge of drugs”.

Kristian Shortt, whose publican father Frank was wrongly convicted and jailed for three years ‘for allowing drugs to be sold on his (Point Inn) premises’, is to circulate the information packs.

The self-confessed former cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy user said he was determined to do something to help address the; “massive drug problem in Derry.

“People can buy cocaine for half nothing. Derry is just rampant with pills and coke,” said the Dublin-based rapper.

“These leaflets are a huge investment in the future of our civilisation.

“Young lives are being destroyed by the evil of drugs. Drugs almost ruined my own life.”

Speaking about his own substance abuse, Kristian said: “I fell into that drug trap where I began to smoke vannabis at a young age, an dthat put me on the route to harder drugs like speed and cocaine.

“My life on drugs was a cesspit of degradation and self-indulgence. I was behaving criminally and was even gang affiliated and all of this happened gradually. The more drugs I took the deeper into a life of crime I was heading.”

That life was almost cut short after Kristian suffered a frenzied knife attack, during which he was stabbed 12 times.

“I suffered two attempts on my life in the midst of those drug -drenched years. I won’t get into the grim details about what I did but let’s just say that the things that I did were definitely fuelled by drugs.

“Following my stabbing in 2008 I realised that I needed to quit drugs or the addiction would end up killing me. After a very successful drug detox cycle I have been off them ever since.

“Not only has this programme helped me to rid drugs from my life but it also educated me thoroughly on their true dangers.”

Since kicking his habit, Kristian has re-styled himself as a rapper and continues to make inroads in carving out a career in the industry.

In fact the night of the leaflet drop, Friday April 19, he will take to the stage in Lift nightclub as alterego, MC Capulet.

The gig is in aid of the Foyle Hospice and will also see Derry rapper Wileman go head to head with his Redcastle counterpart.

If your business would like Kristian and his team to leave leaflets in your business contact him on 00353861779221.