Rare Black Swans at Inch Island

This short video shows Black Swans from the southern hemisphere that have set up home at Inch Island, on Donegal’s Inishowen peninsula.

They are native to countries like New Zealand and Australia so when a pair of the rare birds made Inch Wildfowl Reserve their home it was easy to see why locals, birdwatchers and walkers started to get excited.

A Black Swan and cygnet at Inch

A Black Swan and cygnet at Inch

Inch Wildfowl Reserve is located just a few miles away from the Derry/Donegal border and provides a safe haven for native species and migrating birds from North America, Iceland, Russia and Western Africa.

Three of the four Black Swans to be found on the island at present are believed to be escapees from private collections but one of the swans is a cygnet and is a sign that two of the birds have started to breed.

However experts say that Black Swan cygnets may not survive our winter.