‘Rat infested’ field close to playgroup

The overgrown field.
The overgrown field.

A local councillor claims a field in Magilligan, next to a children’s play area, has become “rat infested” and is a hot spot for fly-tipping, writes Sheena Jackson.

SDLP councillor Gerry Mullan said the field at Drumavalley, situated close to where the local community and playgroup meets, has fallen into disrepair since the local GAA club moved to a new pitch some years ago.

Colr Mullan said the field, which is owned by Limavady Borough Council, needs urgent attention.

“It’s been allowed to grow wild, is rat infested and people are driving quads and scramblers in there, leaving it in a real mess.

“Rubbish of all sorts is being dumped there,” he claimed. “It needs a complete overhaul.”

Colr. Mullan said he had met with council officers about the matter and believes the field needs to be ploughed and re-seeded for grass.

“Hopefully when the matter is addressed, Council will go on to install some type of facility there for young people in the area, especially teenagers,” he said.

“Teens are sitting in alleyways texting and messing about because they are bored stiff.

“There is an ideal opportunity here.

“The way the field is now the young people in the area are not being encouraged to use the field.”

A council spokesperson said: “Unfortunately no decision has been made regarding Drumavalley playing fields and the issue is still with Council.”