Raw sewage running on Limavady street

The offending manhole which was blocked and overflowed on Tuesday. (0507SJ91)
The offending manhole which was blocked and overflowed on Tuesday. (0507SJ91)

A build-up of “inappropriate items” including baby wipes, sanitary products and other household items caused a “severe blockage” at a manhole in Limavady this week, resulting in raw sewage spilling out onto the street.

NI Water attended a severe blockage on Tuesday at a manhole on Greystone Road, which impacted on properties in the Edenmore area of the town. They said a high-powered jetting machine was needed to remove the items. The normal equipment was not sufficient to remove them.

NI Water confirmed they’re investigating the sewer network that serves the area to find out if there is a capacity issue “and what type of engineering solution and investment may be required within the network on a long term basis”.

However, disgusted residents say each time it rains there are problems and the smell is disgusting.

DUP councillor Alan Robinson said human waste could clearly be seen flowing out on to the public footpaths and nearby car park on Tuesday.

“Several gardens had several inches of murky water and, at one stage, up to a dozen homes were affected with residents’ toilets and garden drains backing up,” said Colr. Robinson. “Residents believe the cause is a lack of capacity within the sewer network. It has been well documented that much of the water and sewage infrastructure in N.Ireland is in need of an upgrade. However, we’re told the finances aren’t in place to carry out such widespread work. Selling water charges to an already hard-pressed public would quite rightly be akin to pulling hen’s teeth.”