Residents welcome Rosemount clean-up operation success

Councillor Barney O'Hagan, on right, with members of the Triax clean up team. (1712MM15)
Councillor Barney O'Hagan, on right, with members of the Triax clean up team. (1712MM15)

Residents in the Rosemount area of the city have welcomed a community initiative to clean up laneways near thier homes.

The clean-up operation was carried out with by members of the Triax neighbourhood management team’s environmental group.

The workers cleared laneways in the Lower Nassau Street and Grafton Street area of Rosemount after local residents raised concerns with Northland Sinn Féin councillor Barney O’Hagan.

Residents said the laneways had become overgrown with vegetation and were difficult to access.

Colr. O’Hagan said the residents can now use the laneways since the Triax-led clean up scheme.

“A number of residents contacted me with concerns about the state of laneways adjacent to their homes,” he said.

“The laneways were badly overgrown with vegetation, weeds and moss on the walkway. This caused particular problems for older residents who feared falling when getting bins in and out, as well as problems for oil deliveries.

“I felt it was important to do something to help the residents on these issues before the harshness of winter approached.

“I am very pleased that the TRIAX management team were able to help carry out this initiative to clean the laneways and vegetation,” Col. O’Hagan added.

One local said the laneways have been transformed.

“Before the clean-up people couldn’t use the lanes to out out their bins or carry stuff out because they had become so overgrown.

“Thankfully now since the clean up people can get their bins in and out and get deliveries. It just makes things much easier for people living in this area,” he said.