River Roe Clean-Up by Canoe

The local Causeway Coast Kayak Association conducted their annual clean up by canoe on sections of the River Roe last weekend.

This is the second year of this event, supported by the Loughs Agency.

Approximately 20 CCKA club members and two Loughs Agency personnel participated in this important initiative which highlights the importance for all river users to contribute towards a clean river corridor.

“If your interest is playing a standing wave, playing a lively sea trout or enjoying a relaxing walk on the river bank while observing wildlife in its natural habitats these activities are all the more enjoyable when pursued in a clean un-littered environment,” said a spokesperson.

“Unfortunately our local rivers suffer significantly from modern society’s blight of littering. It is particularly evident at this time of year when riverside trees and vegetation are without foliage. Flood waters can deposit rubbish of all types from varied sources throughout the flood plain. Large quantities of plastic litter including bottles, bags and containers, tyres, glass and metal were removed from the river corridor. This rubbish not only has an impact on how the river looks, but can also harm wildlife,” said a spokesperson.

The River Roe flows from its headwaters in the Glenshane Pass area of the Sperrin mountains through the Roe valley where it then discharges into Lough Foyle. Its many tributaries and streams form an extensive network of watercourses which are home to a great diversity of species and habitats of European importance, including Atlantic salmon, otter, aquatic vegetation and oak woodland. The River Roe and tributaries are designated as a European Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

“It is hoped this event will continue to grow in future years with other groups and individuals encouraged to participate. There is significant potential for community groups to get involved to extend the areas covered,” added the spokesperson.

If you are interested in organising a river clean up in your local area and would like some assistance in planning the event, please contact the Loughs Agency at art.niven@loughs-agency.org