Riverfront wall at Culmore complete

The new wall erected along Culmore Point.
The new wall erected along Culmore Point.

Sinn Féin Councillor Tony Hassan has welcomed the completion of the new wall along the river front at Culmore Point.

The new wall at Culmore Point has been built to replace an open steel guard rail along the river’s edge.

The Department for Regional Development said that the project by Transport NI has been built for “containment purposes rather than flood defence”.

A spokeswoman for the DRD said: “We have also carried out repairs to the wall which supports the road towards Culmore Fort.”

She added that the cost of the work stands at around £30,000.”

Councillor Tony Hassan said: “It’s great to see the new wall at Culmore being completed.

“I’ve been well versed in the problems that were happening there over recent years and fears of residents at times of high tides with flooding and surface water.

“I would like to commend everyone who has been involved in the campaign to get it to this stage.”

Colr. Hassan said there were still several outstanding problems being encountered by residents on the area.

He vowed: “I will be endeavouring to get those resolved in the coming months.”

It was announced back in December 20145 that a solid defence wall was to be built along Culmore after years of campaigning by residents.

There had been widespread concerns in the area over recent years due to repeated flooding, leading to various meetings among residents, politicians and with government officials.

However there had previously been some confusion as to which authority was actually responsible for repairing the damaged defences along the embankment.

A letter sent by Transport NI to Derry City Council and presented at a meeting back in January seemed to rule out any extension to the wall.

Addressed to Conor Canning, of Environmental Services, it confirmed that Transport NI was responsible for maintaining the wall.

It stated that the works were to include repairs to undermined sections of the road between Ardan Road and Culmore Fort.

The letter also stated that the steel barrier will be replaced with a masonry wall.

However it also informed councillors that Transport NI has no responsibility for coastal walls.

Nor, it stated, did Transport NI have responsibility for flood defences.

As such, the letter states, there is no requirement on Transport NI for an extension to the wall for road engineering purposes.