Shake-up of Derry’s bus services after cost-cutting review

Translink won't close Cookstown bus station
Translink won't close Cookstown bus station

Translink has confirmed that its time-tabled services across Derry will be affected in a major shake-up of services.

Details of the effect on some local bus services were obtained by the Journal.

All changes to bus and coach services will take effect from September 1, and are part of Translink’s overall plans to reduce costs due to a significant reduction in public funding in 2015/16.

A Public Information Session to explain the changes will take place at Foyle Street bus depot on August 24th from 10am to 2pm.

During the morning rush hours between 8am and 10am, there will be an increased frequency on the Slievemore Bus Service from every 10 minutes to every seven minutes.

From 10am to 4pm however frequency will drop however from every 10 minutes to every 12 minutes, and Saturday frequency is set to drop from every 12m to 15 m. There will no change to Sundays.

The FY8 Creggan bus service will see the last two runs at night cancelled (7.40pm and 8.15pm) along with the 8pm Saturday service.

The Foyle Street to Gobnascale bus service will drop in frequency Monday to Friday from every 30 minutes to 40 minutes and on Saturday from every 30 minutes to every hour. Instead of the current hourly Sunday service, the bus will now only run every two hours.

The FY10 Ballymagroarty bus service will see frequency dropped from 30m to 60m, however the FY11 will operate via Ballymagroarty to maintain 30 minute frequency from here Monday to Saturday.

The 212 Derry to Belfast on Sundays are being increased in frequency from 60 minutes to 30 minutes, with new extra services leaving Foyle Street at 7am, 9am and 9.30am . From Monday to Saturday the 212 10pm departure from Derry will now leave at 11pm, while the 12am bus from Belfast to Derry will leaving at 1am.

There will be no changes to Derry’s train service.

Speaking about the changes, a Translink spokesperson said: “Following the consultation with passengers earlier this year we have worked hard to protect the geographic coverage of the network.

“There are some frequency reductions to a number of services and some services have been retimed.

“We would encourage passengers to check the new times of their services when timetables are made available later this month.”