Strabane man in zero carbon home first

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A Strabane architect has designed the first traditional-built zero carbon home in Northern Ireland.

Barry Gallagher, through his Omagh-based company Energy Architect Ltd, is leading the way in conventional built low and zero carbon homes in the North.

Mr Gallagher, the firm’s managing director, said: “What we have achieved is the conventional affordable solution and is the result of many years research into innovative building design and renewable energies in the quest for the zero carbon home that is not compromised in design, is robust, durable and built using traditional masonry products that are available locally; simplicity is the Key to our approach.”

Mr Gallagher added: “Now with the reality of global warming upon us, it has become more important to consider using materials and methods of construction that are sustainable.

“It is also apparent that in the art of constructing a building that there is an ever increasing need for quality; emphasized by increasing requirement levels for new energy ratings.”

In 2009 the government announced that 70% of the Co2 cuts required must come from the energy efficiency of the building fabric and design, low carbon technologies and on-site renewable energy.

Mr Gallagher explained that Energy Architect Ltd, in developing a modified conventional ‘fabric first’ approach, has achieved this by “optimising the insulation performance of the building envelope and improving air-tightness”.