Third worst road

Danny Kennedy
Danny Kennedy

Carnhill is the third worst road area in Northern Ireland, in terms of defects.

The revelation came as the Minister for Regional Development, was asked “since January 1 2013, to list the 50 roads with the highest number of surface defects; and the 50 roads with the highest number of complaints about surface defects”.

The Regional Development Minister, Danny Kennedy provided the statistics, which showed that, apart from Carnhill, roads at Bonds Glen, Altinure and Glenshane were also among the 50 most defected across the North.

Bonds Glen was ranked at 27, while Altinure Road was 36th in the list, and the Derry section of Glenshane Road 50th.

Other parts of Glenshane Road, at Magherafelt and Cookstown finished even higher on the list.

Mr Kennedy added: “However, there are couple of points to note:

The numbers associated with each road, while including the number of potholes, also include a range of other surface defects including cracking, depressions etc;

For management purposes, the road network is broken down into ‘sections’ which are lengths of road between two defined points. Sections range in length from tens of metres to kilometres.”