WATCH: Huge crowd from Donegal and beyond descend on Dublin to demand 100% MICA Redress

A massive crowd has gathered in Dublin today as families devastated by the mica crisis from Donegal and beyond and those standing in solidarity prepare to march on the capital.

Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 1:18 pm

In what will be one of the biggest mobilisations of people from across Inishowen in decades, thousands have travelled to Dublin today to demand 100% mica redress.

Following campaigning, demonstrating and heartbreaking images and stories of homes and families affected by mica, people from across the peninsula and county have arrived to make their voices heard in the capital.

For the best part of a decade, campaigners have sought adequate redress for the many families and individuals who have watched as their homes and buildings crumbled around them.

Crowds gathered in Dublin to demand 100% Redress.
Crowds gathered in Dublin to demand 100% Redress.

The redress scheme announced last year gave some hope, but later turned to despair and today, the people of Inishowen and further afield are demanding parity with pyrite and a scheme that is fit for purpose.

Over the last few weeks there has been support from Donegal people across the country and abroad, including in Australia and Boston.

Thousands of people gathered at Carndonagh, Buncrana and Letterkenny in recent days as posters, hats, stickers and masks calling for 100% redress were handed out.

Over 40 buses have travelled to today’s demonstration from Donegal and others from Mayo. Many have also gone down by car.

Brandon, Tiernan, Josh, and Faye McColgan, Glengad and Aimee and Chloe Thompson, Carndonagh.

The demonstration are taking place at two locations. Firstly, everyone is gathering at The Convention Centre, where the Dail currently sits, from 1.30-2.30pm. However, organisers have urged people to be there early - from at least 1pm and there is already been a huge turnout. The group will then walk the approximately 25 minute walk to Leinster House and demonstrate there from 3-4pm this afternoon.

Businesses across Inishowen have been showing their support with many donations in recent weeks. Many opened early today and provide free beverages for those travelling to Dublin.

Campaigner Paddy Diver, whose video six weeks ago breathed new life into the campaign, told the Journal the mica scandal is the ‘biggest thing’ he has ever seen in Donegal in his ‘life’ and many have heeded his call that this needed to be represented by numbers in Dublin.

“It’s going to get worse. Every house is going to get worse. Anyone who thinks: ‘Oh, mine has only hairlines cracks’ - any house with mica is coming down and that’s the bottom line. If you’ve got it, get to Dublin.’

Shane and MJ from Carndonagh with Lisa Doherty and Yvonne McElhinney.
The Callaghan family, Rasheeny.