‘Welcome to Limavady’

A Limavady resident angry at the derelict buildings and the state of footpaths around the town, overgrown with weeds, says officials need to follow the example of Dungiven where unsightly buildings on the Main Street were recently treated to a makeover.

The man, who preferred not to be named, said Limavady’s streets need to be cleaned up and derelict buldings covered up.

“Welcome to Limavady? I don’t think so. The streets of Limavady are growing out of control with weeds and dirt and the people who are responsible for these derelict buildings should take action. The people who took down these buildings should be made cover them up. Why can’t something like they did in Dungiven be done, where they painted murals on the buildings. It looks really smart,” he said. “There are also signs as you come into Limavady which have been ripped apart. What does this say about the town of Limavady to visitors? It would make me want to drive past it. As a ratepayer, and when times are hard and businesses are closing daily, we should all be trying to attract visitors not drive them away, so something should be done to clean this up and the proper people should be brought to hand.”

A Limavady Borough Council spokesperson said more than £2 million is spent annually on refuse collection and disposal.

““Limavady Borough Council spends approximately £2.5 million a year on refuse collection and disposal and approximately £520,000 a year on other cleaning. Council is responsible for cleaning and maintaining 625 miles of road and the town centre is cleaned a minimum of twice a day with Limavady and Dungiven now being manned full time. Housing sites are cleaned once a week and in accordance with the litter code, main highways are cleaned once every 1-2 weeks with minor roads cleaned on a need-be basis.”

A DRD Roads Service spokesperson said: “These footways will be treated shortly.”