Wild Ireland hope to rehome two more abandoned bears from Russia

Wild Ireland is urgently seeking the public’s help to rehome two more brown bears from southern Russia to the wildlife sanctuary close to the border between Derry and Donegal.

Killian McLaughlin, the founder of the animal sanctuary and wildlife visitor park in the Burnfoot area, said Wild Ireland is committed to continuing its mission to rescue animals in need around the world.

In particular they are trying to raise funds and lobby Irish airlines to help them bring two European brown bears, Buu and Tiopa, to the north west of Ireland.

Wild Ireland said the two bears were dumped in a small dog sanctuary in Dagestan.

Killian McLaughlin, founder of Wild Ireland, with one of the three bears he previously brought back to Ireland.

“The sanctuary owners are doing their best to look after the bears but they simply do not have the finances or the resources to do this properly for the safety of the bears or their caregivers.

“They have reached out to Bears in Mind and in turn Killian McLaughlin of Wild Ireland asking for help.

“Bears in Mind are a bear rescue charity established in 1993. They played a key role in rescuing the other bears at Wild Ireland.

“Killian aims to raise some vital funds to help improve the conditions at the sanctuary in Russia, for the bears, in the short term. This will include a roof to protect them from the elements and walls to offer shelter from the driving winds. As soon as Covid restrictions relax, Killian and the team at Bears and Mind want to travel to Russia and bring the bears back to Ireland where they can live out the rest of their life in a natural forest home.

“Brown bears, Buu and Tiopa, are most in need. These two adult male bears have now outgrown the confines of the sanctuary’s dog kennels. The bears need shelter, from the cold of winter and the heat of summer. Tiopa lives out in the open. The sanctuary has nowhere else to keep him. They have built a small cage to keep him safe but it is not big enough and he does not have any shelter.

“Buu is a huge bear, he has outgrown his small cage at the sanctuary. The sanctuary owners are doing their best to provide him with proper care. They need help quick.”

Killian wants to build Buu and Tiopa a state of the art forest habitat at Wild Ireland so that the two bears can enjoy some freedom and peace in a natural environment like he has done for his other bears which he rescued in the past.

They are also seeking help to find an airline company to fly these bears from Dagestan to Ireland and have tweeted Ryanair and Aer Lingus to see if they can give the bears “a lift home”.

To donate to the appeal visit www.wildireland.org/russian-bear-appeal