Evelyn’s in tune for the past 40 years

Evelyn McGinley.
Evelyn McGinley.

Evelyn McGinley.

On October 24th, the friends and Parish of The Three Patrons will celebrate the musical contribution of Evelyn McGinley at religious ceremonies in St Brigid’s chapel, Carnhill.

Evy was just a teenager, when she asked Fr Seamus O Connell Administrator of the new Parish of St Brigid’s if she could play the organ at Mass on a Sunday.

The answer was yes, and Evy’s musical career at St Brigid’s began. Evy first played the organ at Mass in Pennyburn School hall, where Sunday Mass was being held at that time, due to the population increase around the Carnhill area.

Evy went on and played in the temporary St Brigid’s church which is now a community hall in Carnhill, was involved in the opening ceremony of the St Brigid’s Chapel, and has continued to enhance church ceremonies through music for the people of Carnhill.

In the 1970s Evy began a very successful children’s choir in the parish which has involved many children and families from around the area and it continues to this day to sing in St Brigid’s.

Evy, with Nicky Fallon, also formed and took leadership of the original Carnhill Folkgroup. The Folkgroup, provided a lot of opportunities for the many young people involved, as not only did they learn and sing modern church music in St Brigid’s, they made records, appeared on television on a number of occasions, sang in Westminster Cathedral, and also travelled to Rome and received a blessing Pope John Paul II. T

he people of Carnhill supported these choirs and turned out at 10.30 am Mass or 12.30 mass on a Sunday to hear them sing.

A church community Choir was formed by Evy in recent years and involves people of all ages in singing at Easter and Christmas ceremonies, and Evy a was involved with other music groups across the Derry area, including local parish shows, bringing music into the community.

Evy has given her time freely over the past 40 years, including preparing the music, practising, and researching new songs, as well has having a full time job, and raising a family with Peter her husband.

Evy’s friends and the parish would like to mark the occasion by inviting people from the area to take part in the celebrations on Friday 24 October 2014 at 7.00pm Mass in Carnhill, followed by refreshments in St Brigid’s College.. A special invitation is offered to those from the Junior Choir, Carnhill Folkgroup, School and Community Choirs and all those who were involved with Evy’s music since 1974.

RSVP to carnhillmusic40@gmail.com